Q Why is your company specialized in BBK1?

A It is because BBK1 is the highest-grade area in Phnom Penh surrounding many modern café, restaurant, many countries embassies. Therefore this area is very livable so we strongly recommend with confidence.

Q What is Anna Home’s strength?

A We are specialized in the excellent service apartments around Beoung Keng KongⅠarea. And also our office is located Boung Keng KongⅠ. That’s why we can gather information from local community.

For Rent

Q How much is Deposit for landlord?

A It’s depends on property but normally it costs same amount of 1 ~2 month rent-fee. And if you have an early termination, the deposit will be not return in many cases.

Q How much is commotion to Anna Home as a real estate agency?

A We don't charge commission from tenants (people who may live the property). So please feel free to contact us!

Q Do you provide other services?

A If you reach a contract with us, we assist your moving transportation by our staffs and car together.